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Upcoming Keynote

Sunday 15th March 2009

As many of you know, Apple are holding an event on Tuesday at 1700GMT to talk about iPhone 3.0. If you’d like to be the first to know when the Keynote video is published (who doesn’t…) then follow our special twitter especially for these events. This is 100% spoiler free, so you don’t have to worry about your evening being spoiled!

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PhoneSaber’s Future

Thursday 07th August 2008

Good news and bad news, PhoneSaber fans.

As of now, PhoneSaber will no longer be available, I’ve had a chat with a guy from THQ Wireless (who own the rights for Star Wars apps on mobiles) and as we were always expecting, PhoneSaber is not allowed to be on there.  It was a very friendly chat, and the future of PhoneSaber was discussed.

They want to do some sort of official, Star Wars branded version of PhoneSaber, and will be working with us on that one.  We’re really excited about this – it means that PhoneSaber has the potential to be even better than it originally was!  I don’t know any information beyond that, whether they plan to charge for it, advertise with it or what, but we’ll keep you updated on as much as we’re allowed to tell you.

Apologies to everyone who loved PhoneSaber, we didn’t really have much choice in the matter, but we’re certain that the new, official, PhoneSaber will be even more great than the original was!

TheMacBox will be continuing to make awesome stuff, including some great pay-for games, and some more awesome free apps.

Update: Since this post has now hit the internet, just want to clarify a few things:

  • Since it was us that removed the app, it is unlikely that Apple will pull the kill switch we’ve heard so much about recently.  And I’m pretty sure that’ll just be for actual malicious apps (NetShare, Box Office etc. have not been added to that list)
  • We’ll be talking to someone from THQ very soon, and will push for this to be a free app, maybe it could be used as a marketing tool for The Force Unleashed?
  • THQ plan to let us have access to all the library of Star Wars sounds, etc, that we could never have used before, and we’d like to make PhoneSaber the best it can be for an official app… so if you have any requests, e-mail us now.
  • We personally don’t recommend you get iSaber instead because, well… it’s just not as good really, is it?  And it’s likely to go the way of PhoneSaber soon.

PhoneSaber: Huge Success

Sunday 03rd August 2008

You may have seen all the articles lately on AppleInsider and others about Tap Tap Revenge and Facebook reaching over 1 million app downloads.  Both of their apps call home at some point, so it’s very easy for them to figure out the number of downloads they’ve had.  But for apps not calling a server, it’s a little harder.  Till (if) we get a full report we can only speculate.

However, we were lucky enough to have the PhoneSaber 1.2 update launch in exactly the same window as Apple’s new daily trend reporting went live.  This gave us the opportunity to see exactly how many people had PhoneSaber (and updated it) in the past few days.

And we have the great pleasure of telling you that in the last few days (since PhoneSaber 1.2 went live) just over 317,000 people updated!  And even over just those 3 days we had another 83,000 people download PhoneSaber for the first time!

This number, combined with the fact PhoneSaber has spent most of it’s life on the App Store above Facebook and Tap Tap, leads me to the near certain fact that PhoneSaber has been downloaded (way?) over a million times.

So give yourselves a slap on the back PhoneSaber fans… there’s a lot of you!

To those of you worried this has just become “The PhoneSaber Site”, worry no more… we’re releasing some exciting new games very soon!

Thanks for reading!