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The Return of PhoneSaber

Thursday 11th September 2008

There have been rumors aplenty that PhoneSaber would return in an official form to the App Store, and I am very happy to announce that it will indeed return, and should be available on the App Store soon.

The app will have a new name and a whole new look.  The new version, Lightsaber Unleashed, will have a strong link to the new multi-platform title Star Wars ®: The Force Unleashed™, which is out soon.  Lightsaber Unleashed will feature exciting characters from this new game as well as vastly improved graphics, sound effects and optional dueling music (which was a popular request).

We are still going to be publishing the application, and it will still be free.  News will be posted here as it unfolds, but we hope users will be able to update their copy of PhoneSaber to the new LightSaber Unleashed when it becomes available through the App Store.  In the mean time, enjoy some screenshots of what you can expect after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »