About This Site

This is a WebApp designed to be used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch that let's users view the UK Top 40 chart on their device, and touch any item to view it on the iTunes Store, where you can listen to a 30 second preview of the song and buy it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do all the symbols mean?
This means the song or album has moved up in the chart.
This means the song or album has moved down in the chart.
This means the song or album is in the same place in the chart it was in last week.
This means the song or album is a new entry.
This means the song or album is a re-entry.

I selected one of the items but was taken to the wrong thing on iTunes, what happened?
The iTunes store links are automatically retrieved by the server, and then later manually checked for accuracy. It is possible that an incorrect link may have been missed, or that the link you clicked had not yet been checked. If you are certain a link has brought you to the wrong item, please e-mail mentioning what you selected that took you to the wrong place.

When are the charts updated?
They are updated automatically every Sunday at 7pm, when the chart show is finished.

Can I listen to the BBC Chart Show on my iPhone or iPod Touch?
Yes, you can listen to it (and some other BBC radio programs) by going to the BBC's podcast page on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Although the podcast version only features short previews of the songs, not the full thing. You can also subscribe to the Chart Show podcast on your computer to have the latest show always synced to your iPhone / iPod.

Can I use the site on a normal computer?
Yes feel free, but it will most likely only render correctly in the Safari web browser.