About This Site

This is a collection of iPhone and iPod Touch WebApps created by Alex P and Duncan from Edinburgh. These allow you to easily access such information as residential phone numbers, UK train times and the UK music chart in a format more suited to the iPod or iPhone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a suggestion for a WebApp, are you open to suggestions?
We're open to suggestions, but promise nothing! You can e-mail us at iphone@themacbox.co.uk

Where can I find out more about each app?
There is an about page for each individual app, look there.

I found a bug, who should I contact?
You can e-mail us at iphone@themacbox.co.uk with any bug reports, constructive comments, praise, etc.

Can I use your sites on a normal computer?
Yes feel free, but it will most likely only render correctly in the Safari web browser.