UK iPhone 3G Upgrade details

Monday 07th July 2008

I’ve just checked the O2 website, and there have been a few changes to their iPhone section.

As expected, people who want to upgrade to the iPhone 3G will need to do so online.  This is done here, although you may need to log in first.  You certainly need your account number, which you can get from your O2 bill.  I believe you can also specify a different delivery address, so if you’re working on Friday you’ll avoid a trip to the post office.

In terms of availability and delivery, there are seemingly a ‘limited supply’ and they will be sold on a first come first served basis.  The first batch of iPhones should be delivered on Friday but if you’re not one of the lucky first, delivery ‘may take up to two weeks’.

Activation has been discussed, but O2 have confirmed that those upgrading from the old iPhone will need to use the supplied ‘SIM ejector tool’ to remove the SIM card from the old phone and insert it into the new one.  They also advise that you listen to your voicemail first – activation will delete all voice messages from the account.

O2 had been very quiet about the cost of the iPhone on Pay & Go, and this doesn’t seem to have changed.  O2 now advise that ‘iPhone 3G for Pay & Go will be available later this year’.  It’s a shame they haven’t launched it at the same time.

So, I suggest that if you want your iPhone 3G on Friday, you stay tuned to the website and sign up as quickly as possible when it goes live.


Sunday 11th May 2008

The Apple iTouchJust a quick snippet tonight – I was browsing the Apple Store online when I noticed a little advert for refurbished iPod Touches (from £169).  Nothing particularly strange about that, other than Apple referring to the iPod Touch as the iTouch.

Personally I cannot stand when people call the iPod Touch the iTouch:-

“Hey, I’m looking for the iTouch”
“Oh yes, the iPod Touch is just over here.”

but the fact that Apple has started calling it this is just offensive to see.  Honestly, what is the world coming to?