Announcing lightOn for iPhone 4

Wednesday 07th July 2010

Flashlight. Fast and Simple.

We’ve seen a plethora of flashlight apps for the iPhone in the past, but with the introduction of iPhone 4, we thought it was time there was a flashlight app that actually worked. So… we made one!
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Website Status

Thursday 17th April 2008

Another quick update on our switch to the WordPress blogging software.

We’ve managed to get the website looking more or less as it should. There may be a few things to tweak, but all in all it’s useable and looks pretty again! We’ve been playing around with some of the features that WordPress has (having never used it before) and it’s certainly a lot better than our last software. The installation was a breeze and the templates fairly easy to customise. Their ‘famous’ 5-minute installation certainly cannot be faulted.

We’ve also managed to salvage (most) of our old entries that were on the blog before it got corrupt, so you’re welcome to read if you’re new.

That’s all for now. We’re in the middle of exam time at the moment, but you can expect some more posts and webapps in a few weeks when we have the time that the summer holidays affords.

The Switch to WordPress

Tuesday 15th April 2008

Hello folks!

I’m awfuly sorry about the generic, non-MacBox stylings of the blog at the moment. ¬†We’ve broken free from our useless old blog software, used some of your kind donations to buy an SQL database and installed WordPress.

Bear with us – we are trying to get it looking all lovely again for you, but for now you’ll have to make do with this wonderfully generic WordPress theme. Furthermore, all of our posts have been mysteriously deleted by our old, buggy software, so we’re starting from scratch.

See you all soon

Duncan and Alex