About Us

Alex and Duncan are an Apple-crazed couple living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Alex is a Software Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh. Naturally, he is very interested in computing/coding and general geekery, but until meeting Duncan in 2006, had not seen the wonder of Apple beyond his iPod G4.5. He used Duncan’s iMac G5 and was instantly converted. Being the more skilful, ‘real’ coder of the two, Alex is responsible for the majority of the WebApps, although not all.
Alex is currently learning cocoa-touch and objective-C – so stay tuned for some native iPhone apps come iPhone 2.0!

Duncan is also a student in Edinburgh, but one of Philosophy. Coding is a mere hobby for him, but under the skilful instruction of Alex he has become almost-competent in PHP and JavaScript, and is venturing into the world of cocoa. He always enjoyed web design (indeed the design of this website is his doing) and has recently honed his HTML/CSS/Design skills in a true learn-as-you-go style. He has worked on several of the WebApps, with more to come!
As a self-confessed fan-boy, he has had his share of Apple products. An old iBook G4, an iMac G5, 20″ Aluminium iMac and a stunning MacBook Air. He currently listens to all of his music on his 16GB iPhone 3G.

…and our site!

We got the domain (and hosting) mainly as a means of distributing our iPhone WebApps, but have since decided to start an Apple/Tech blog. We’ll include Apple related hardware and software reviews, but the website is meant to be fun, and these reviews will reflect that. We’ll also post random tech-related snippets, so stay tuned!

Of course, we are still actively developing and hosting our iPhone WebApps, a full list of which can be found on the WebApps page (there’s a link at the top). We’ve got some really popular WebApps there, which we’ve received a load of positive feedback about, so check them out. If you enjoy them, please consider donating a couple of pounds (or dollars, yen, euros, chickens…). It would let us students have a slightly less poverty-stricken life! link is at the left of here.

If you have any thoughts, complaints, compliments or suggestions please let us know. You can contact us here.