It gets better…

In response to the feedback of the hundreds of Lightsaber Unleashed users who have taken the time to leave us feedback, or e-mail us with their valued suggestions, we have sent an update to Apple to include some exciting new features, which should be available within a few weeks.

I wont say more now, but there is a screenshot after the jump that might give you a clue…

10 Responses to “It gets better…”

  1. Starkiller Says:

    WOW! The Force is realy strong with you guys i can’t wait to see the updates

  2. Dave Says:

    Will this overwrite phonesaber or is there a way to keep both? Thanks.

  3. Giolon Says:

    Thank you for listening to our feedback! Lightsaber Unleashed is now better than even Phonesaber was.

    You just got a new 5 star rating! =D

  4. Starkiller Says:

    just downloaded the update and i can say only this I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  5. Chusky Says:

    Thank You and congratulations for this perfect update ! My dream come true : Now I have my own Saber : I am a Jedi !
    May the force be forever with you ! What could we expect now ? 3D ? An holographic-like interface ? A camera filter to get Vador or Stormtrooper’s hud vision ? A voice changer ?
    Best regards !

  6. burnquist7644 Says:

    Sweet! The update makes it better than the 1st one. Now, could you add more music in the next update? The current music was ok, but I’d like to see most, if not all the lightsaber duel scores from the movies. At least put Duel of the Fates as a choice. That would be awesome! If not, that’s ok, it’s still my favorite iPhone app.

  7. Yuusharo Says:

    Every single one of my complaints and conserns from the old app have been addressed, and Lightsaber Unleashed is a worthwhile upgrade that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone, including old PhoneSaber users.

    Not only is the nag screen gone, but we finally have custom color sabers! The range of colors you can create are amazing, and make this app truly unique. 5/5 — perfect mindless fun!

  8. DupELcup Says:

    Wow, thanks for the update! On the next one, can you put in more spaces for custom Jedi? Thanks!

  9. David Says:

    my sons and I love the app, but curious about adding the T frame baton handle that Maris Brood has?

  10. Angus Says:

    AWESOME APP!! PLEASE add a feature that let’s you tap and hold the screen and it makes that constant static sound when the swords are locked together on eachother.

    That would be awesome!!!

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