Lightsaber Unleashed – Available Now!

I realise that a lot of you have shown concern over the recent posting of the app, and been disappointed when you saw that what you had downloaded was not the exciting new version, but rather the older version. This was a test at our end, but I am very pleased to let you all know that it is available now on the App Store [link].

Download, and enjoy!

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  1. Petter Bolstad Says:


  2. g Says:

    the link to get the new lightsaber app is not working

  3. It's Lightsaber Time Says:

    Hey! The new one is out. But I will downgrade to the old version because it’s more of a add for Force Unleashed for iPhone, you can’t chose a Yellow or Purple blade and you have to chose a character.

  4. Chusky Says:

    Thank’s guys ! Good job !
    May be some day you could improve buttons design ? Using transparency with Starwars icons (mean more futuristic) ? I you need help, i’ll be happy to do it.
    Best regards !!!

  5. Giolon Says:

    Is there any way you can make the new version not overwrite the old version? Or at least bring back the old lightsaber colors that are now missing?

  6. Kevin Crossman Says:

    There’s a bug where the music plays if you turn the iPhone off…

  7. John Says:

    The new one is Ok. But the old one is better because you could chose diffent blades and did not have to have a character. Also, could you plase add Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan and Luke.

  8. spiral Says:

    The nag screen for TFU is really boring… I know, this is an add for TFU, but heck, I’ve already bought TFU, I can’t buy it again, so don’t nag me everytime, or at least provide a way to disable the nag by entering some code & giving us a way to get this code if we have already bought TFU…

    What is more, StarWars universe is way more than TFU, you should really add the possibility to have other sabers, such as Luke’s blue & green one, Darth Maul’s double-saber, Dooku’s & so on…

  9. Thor Says:

    I have to agree with Spiral…I have TFU both on my iPhone and the 360. please provide a way to skip the nag screen. If the application can’t detect TFU on the phone at at least get THQ to add a code or something generated by the game that is unique to the phone that we can input into your application to hide the nag screen.

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    [...] by TheMacBox, in conjuction with THQ Wireless, the new App is themed along the latest Star Wars game, the Force [...]

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  13. Anthony Says:

    I agree, can you make it so it wont overwrite the original? I really want both, but I like the original and the fact that its the old school phonesaber makes it cool… I realize this might be a condition of your agreement with Lucas, but I think there are a lot of us out there who might not download it, if it takes over the original. I mean with 16GB there’s room for two lightsabers….

  14. Vieno Says:

    [...] by TheMacBox, in conjunction with THQ Wireless, the new App is themed along the latest Star Wars game, the Force [...]

  15. Yuusharo Says:

    I will say that the new version is different. Yes, the screen at the beginning is annoying but you get used to it and doesn’t bother you after a while. I love the addition of dueling music and would like to see more tracks available in the future, as well as a few other easter eggs ;)

    My only true criticism is the missing colors. I like the new blue and green, but I don’t really need three red characters. There are several characters that can be used for additional colors which I would love to see. That’s all I would ask for — More colors.

    Great job, guys! Please continue to develop for this app and don’t let the negative comments get you down. People hate change, and will reject it every time. Once the shock is over, your true fans come around again ^_^

  16. Annonymous Says:

    I think the new app is great! I love the addition of dueling music and characters! I only have 2 suggestions: Give us a way to get rid of the ad at the beginning, and please add more blade colors!

  17. NFreak007 Says:

    Can I just say that I am very pleased with how the new version turned out? You deserve to be congratulated!

  18. Jeremy Milam Says:

    Had to reboot my iPhone a couple of times to get the motion sounds to work, but I like the new application. I would like to see more blade colors (just like everyone else) but I don’t mind the nag add for TFU since I own the game anyway.

    Job well done folks!

  19. iQuasar Says:

    Hello, old friend. May the Force be with you.

  20. Chusky Says:

    You’re right Yuusharo ! It’s every time the same thing…
    Where are the million’ s users to thx The Mac Box ?

  21. Gabe Says:

    Nagware sucks, and TFU bloat sucks almost as much. The best part about this update is that the old version was still on my desktop to revert to.

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  23. Shaun_R Says:

    Hey MacBox,
    Just gotta say I do like the new PhoneSaber. HOWEVER, I do wish I could sisable he ad at the start, I’m NOT buying the game, so I don’t want to see it. Also, three red sabers?! Please bring the yellow and purple back, oh, and make the characters, bar Darth Vader, more commonly known ones please? Darth vader is the ONLY character I know out of the five!

    Thanks guys,


  24. MrPink077 Says:

    One word describes the new Lightsaber app: CRAP! Bring back the MISSING COLORS (Yellow & Purple) and give us some characters we actually give a damn about (Vader is the only good one). 3 RED Lightsabers and an AD for a game I already own that I can’t skip? I’d rather PAY for the OLD version… in fact, I uninstalled this new “Unleashed” monstrosity and reinstalled PhoneSaber…. Address the issues people, and I appreciate your hard work… until THIS version came out…

  25. Chewie Says:

    Its bloody free app. get over the ‘missing colours’ you plums

  26. spiral Says:

    Well, thanks for the updated version which allows to disable the nag, I’m really pleased to see you took our opinions in consideration, & I still hope that someday you’ll provide other sabers for the whole starwars universe & not only TFU.

  27. Chusky Says:

    Yes Thanks ! I just found that when i touch the biggest stars, Vador speaks ! So cool ! Was it like this in the first update ?

  28. Tom Says:

    I dont’ suppose there’ll be a version for the 4th-generation iPod Nano will there?

  29. Bodywreath Says:

    I opened and closed it 5 times, but I still get the marketing message. How do I turn it off? (and I miss the violet saber) I like the music, though!

  30. Johnn Says:


  31. Wikus Says:

    Hi when will the Lightsaber Unleashed App be available on the South Africa appstore ?

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