PhoneSaber: Huge Success

You may have seen all the articles lately on AppleInsider and others about Tap Tap Revenge and Facebook reaching over 1 million app downloads.  Both of their apps call home at some point, so it’s very easy for them to figure out the number of downloads they’ve had.  But for apps not calling a server, it’s a little harder.  Till (if) we get a full report we can only speculate.

However, we were lucky enough to have the PhoneSaber 1.2 update launch in exactly the same window as Apple’s new daily trend reporting went live.  This gave us the opportunity to see exactly how many people had PhoneSaber (and updated it) in the past few days.

And we have the great pleasure of telling you that in the last few days (since PhoneSaber 1.2 went live) just over 317,000 people updated!  And even over just those 3 days we had another 83,000 people download PhoneSaber for the first time!

This number, combined with the fact PhoneSaber has spent most of it’s life on the App Store above Facebook and Tap Tap, leads me to the near certain fact that PhoneSaber has been downloaded (way?) over a million times.

So give yourselves a slap on the back PhoneSaber fans… there’s a lot of you!

To those of you worried this has just become “The PhoneSaber Site”, worry no more… we’re releasing some exciting new games very soon!

Thanks for reading!

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