New: WordTrail

We now have an exciting new game out that is simple, addictive and surprisingly cheap.  It is available now on the iTunes Store – you can check it out here.

When you first open the game, you are taken straight in – no menus or options make this a game that you really can pick up and put down.  Your status is always saved, so if you get a call or want to take a break you can do and be put straight back into the game when you load it up again.

The aim of the game is to find as many words from a 3×3 grid of letters as possible. There is also one 9 letter word hiding in there too – so be on the lookout.  Try and get as many words as possible.  If you think you’ve had enough of one puzzle, simply tap ‘New’ and you’ll get a whole new set of letters.

The game is simple and addictive, and only 59p / 99¢.  Download now!

2 Responses to “New: WordTrail”

  1. Nick Says:

    The game is good, but its lacks essential features. It would be good if you knew how many possible words there were, so that you can see how much you have completed. An option to have it timed would also make the game more diverse. As it stands, its ok, but lacks any real purpose. Adding some of these features would enahance the gameplay, and make a ok game, brilliant.

  2. Duncan Says:

    Look out for updates soon!

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