PhoneSaber Update Available

Good news PhoneSaber fans, the 1.1 update with full screen saber is available on the App Store now!

There’s another update on it’s way fairly soon that will boost the volume, fix a couple things, and more.


11 Responses to “PhoneSaber Update Available”

  1. Shaun Behnken Says:

    can you please make the phone saber available in the ZA app store ?

  2. Duncan Says:

    I’ve replied directly via e-mail, but PhoneSaber is available on ALL App Stores for free. Hope everyone’s enjoying it!

  3. elton Says:

    how do i activate full screen mode?

  4. DY357LX Says:

    Did you remove the update or something?
    iTunes lists 1.0 as the current version but a few hours ago it said 1.01.

  5. Davin Says:

    I would like to see in addition to the current color selection, the addition of the colors plaid, polkadot, and paisley.

  6. Rafatoon Says:

    For the fullscreen mode you need to tap on the ipod touch or iphone icon at the top left corner. If you choose the color, you see that the ipod icon at the top left has that color, tap it and the fullscreen will appear.

  7. Drew Says:

    I enjoy this app immensly but I’d love to be able to change the lightsaber hilt. Being able to change the hilt as well as well color would mean that the user could have even more choice about what their saber looks like.

  8. Shaun M Says:

    Cool app! Have you considered making the display flash when the light saber sounds like it hit something? With full screen mode this would be awesome in a dark room.

  9. jon Says:

    hey guys. i’m a big fan of phonesaber, thank you thank you so much for this awesome app. i put this on the comments in the app store but thought that might not get to you…so i was wondering if it was possible to make a sort of harry potter version of phonesaber. like you chose the wand and when you moved it around it said different spells or …something. i dont know, i’m not a programmer, but you’ve already pleased a whole generation of star wars geeks (me included) and you’d be able to please a whole ‘nother generation with an hp app. dont even know if you could legally do it, but, people would go crazy, you know? anyways, thanks for your time- and once again, great app!

  10. Omar C Says:

    I love this app, especially the new update with the Full Screen Saber image. Check out the video I filmed demonstrating it:
    Did I mention I love this app!!

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