July, 2008

PhoneSaber Update Available

Friday 25th July 2008

Good news PhoneSaber fans, the 1.1 update with full screen saber is available on the App Store now!

There’s another update on it’s way fairly soon that will boost the volume, fix a couple things, and more.


The App Store

Friday 11th July 2008

Well, the App Store is finally available and getting lots of attention all over the net.

First of all, got to say how truly great the App Store is. Some fantastic apps available – free and otherwise. The remote app from Apple is excellent, NetNewsWire is nice, and the Facebook app is pretty good too.

It’s a shame some developers seem to have sold out and set completely silly prices for apps that really should be free, and there are a lot of clones on there (do I need 10 sudoku apps and 17 tip calculators?)

It’s also great to see our fun little apps doing well. Both NearPics & PhoneSaber are easily in the top 50 free apps, and PhoneSaber is (at time of writing) the 5th most popular free app (beating NetNewsWire, MySpace, Twitterific & The Mobile News Network)! Also, it’s great to see almost everyone taking PhoneSaber in the spirit it was intended – a fun free app. Pointless… but fun.

Getting some attention on the net too, Gizmodo said “Lightsaber application similar to the one on Installer.app. Five choices of iPhone colors and slightly better accelerometer detection for better lightsaber sounds. Free.”  Laptop Mag called PhoneSaber “The best, most useless iPhone app” and posted a moderately amusing video of them playing with it!

Enjoy the App Store everyone!

iPhone 3G UK

Friday 11th July 2008

I finally got hold of my shiny new iPhone 3G after fears that stock limitations would ruin my July 11th, and I must say I am very pleased. The only concern I have is that the lovely black back will get very covered in fingerprints.  The sound quality of the 3G iPhone is incredibly good, and the loudspeaker volume is much improved on the previous model.  If you can get hold of one – go for it.

I say if because when I arrived this morning at 0635, a small queue of about 15 people had already formed, and given that the flagship O2 store on Princes Street, Edinburgh had but 20 16GB iPhones (my model of choice).  It seems that most people also wanted the 16GB model and interestingly, O2 had no iPhones in white.  When I arrived at the door (the queue was let in slowly to allow for activations) I discovered that 12 people had asked for the 16GB model out of the 15 people who were ahead of me.

The 20 units that the O2 store in Edinburgh had was generous compared to the number of units a Carphone Warehouse store that my friend was queuing at had.  She was actually second in the queue and failed to get one.  The store had but one model!

If you have one – I hope you’re enjoying it, otherwise good luck in finding one!