New: iFindPics

iFindPics logoWe’ve been working hard for a while now on another new WebApp for you, and now that exams are nearing their end, we’ve had time to polish it.  It’s called iFindPics and we think it’s really nice.

iFindPicsI find that searching for images on the iPhone is always a bit of a pain.  You can use Google Images, but it’s certainly not iPhone friendly, and you have to open several windows to flick through lots of pictures quickly. With iFindPics, you can easily search for anything you like (with the option of showing only ‘safe’ images) and you’ll get a page of thumbnails, ten at a time.  Click on a thumbnail and it’ll load a hi-res image.  At this point you can return and select another image or you can keep clicking through the images in order.

It’s got some great uses and saves a lot of time.  Give it a shot and see what you think.  As always, suggestions are welcome in the comments or by e-mail.


2 Responses to “New: iFindPics”

  1. Says:

    Please – what search engine lies behind this? thanks

  2. Alex Says:

    It’s the powered by the Yahoo Image Search API.

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