May, 2008


Sunday 11th May 2008

The Apple iTouchJust a quick snippet tonight – I was browsing the Apple Store online when I noticed a little advert for refurbished iPod Touches (from £169).  Nothing particularly strange about that, other than Apple referring to the iPod Touch as the iTouch.

Personally I cannot stand when people call the iPod Touch the iTouch:-

“Hey, I’m looking for the iTouch”
“Oh yes, the iPod Touch is just over here.”

but the fact that Apple has started calling it this is just offensive to see.  Honestly, what is the world coming to? 

New: iFindPics

Friday 02nd May 2008

iFindPics logoWe’ve been working hard for a while now on another new WebApp for you, and now that exams are nearing their end, we’ve had time to polish it.  It’s called iFindPics and we think it’s really nice. Read the rest of this entry »