February, 2008

New: iPod Shuffle

Tuesday 19th February 2008

Apple announced today the re-pricing and size refresh of the iPod Shuffle, and it’s about time too!

I have always conceived of the screen-less little gem as an accessory for the sporty sort, perhaps as a second iPod to a bigger sibling (Nano, Classic or Touch) for times when weight and size need to be minimised and you don’t need your entire collection of 12 thousand songs with you. However, it seems that a lot of people are happy to use something so small, stylish and wearable as their primary MP3 player, not to mention those who are less tech-savvy and are looking for something ‘as simple as possible’, being scared off even by the rest of the iPod range, renowned for simplicity. This is a growing market that Apple have remained largely uncompetitive in recently.

As someone who works in sales for a major electrical retailer in the UK, I know that the popularity of the iPod range cannot be doubted. With the new range of iPods which were launched in September of last year, the pricing was brought down in line with some competition from other brands such as Sony and Creative, but the iPod Shuffle was left (once again) with a comparatively high price and low capacity. It’s not entirely difficult to see why the growing number of customers looking at this class of player might have opted for Creative’s Zen Stone+ over the iPod Shuffle, which boasted 2GB of storage and a screen for more or less the same price.

I think that with Apple re-launching the 1GB model at £32 and introducing the 2GB model (soon) at £45, the iPod Shuffle will return as the obvious choice for those after a small and simple MP3 player.

UK Train Times – Update

Monday 11th February 2008

We’ve updated the UK Train Times WebApp to include some very useful new features.

First, you can now click on a ‘Later Trains’ button at the bottom of the search results to find a train later than those which have been returned. This will be useful if you need to quickly get more search results than one search will provide.

Second, you now have the ability to save a search to your home screen (with a pretty icon too!) So say you frequently travel from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, you can now save this search so that, just before your journey, you can click the icon and immediately get the next five trains to Aberdeen, without performing the search manually.

These two changes should get you the information you need much quicker and easier than before. Enjoy!

Welcome to TheMacBox!

Saturday 09th February 2008

You’re reading the first post of our exciting new Blog, and we’d both like to welcome you. My name is Duncan, and my partner in crime is Alex. Together, we’ll be bringing you reviews, thoughts, ideas and more. We’re very excited about it!

Some of you may have used our iPhone webapps. If so, I hope you’re enjoying them. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback about them, and we’ve implemented a lot of suggestions from you as well – thank you to those people. Also thank you to those of you who have been kind enough to donate. It’s always good to know that you’ve made something that people are happy to pay for! We’re always open to suggestions for new webapps, so give us a shout if you have any!

So, bookmark the site or subscribe to the RSS feed, and look forward to hearing more from us soon!